Ruben Luigi Mochi has graduated in Architecture at Buenos Aires
University, Argentina.

In Europe he followed up a course in Industrial Design at the
Royal College of Arts in London, after which he settled himself
in Milan.

From 1986 up to 1992 he is part of the Zeus group in Milan working
on several industrial objects.
In 1988 he won the first prize “Young Design” with the Gnandù lamp.

Two worlds have enriched his experiences, his taste and style.
His Argentina citizenship and for some reasons also fortuitous, the
father is of Italian origin and the mother is of Spanish origin,
but also incisive for his formation.
From the culture, nature and Argentina landscape He got the teaching,
impressions, demands which he apply up todate starting from research
on the material, shape, forms and chromatism.

Caractère (Gruppo Vestebene-Miroglio)
Damiani Group
Gruppo Industriale Busnelli
Interno8 (London)
IT Holding
Lee/Wrangler (VF Group)
Marcolin Group (CE-BE)
Synergy Home (Mumbai, India)

Ruben Luigi Mochi